Search through 1.4 billion leaked accounts

61.9 million in United States


Why did you make this site?

Despite what popular media say, I am only a programmer. Recently one of my own accounts fell in the wrong hands. Annoyed, I started an investigation. And it took me a whopping 30 minutes to find gigabytes of hacked passwords, freely available for anyone to download.

Yes, I knew about the various high-profile hacks of recent years, but I had not realized that anyone can find the data so easily. And that millions of government officials use their work email for commercial services. Who knows whether they use the same password for their home wifi? I feel uneasy that all these important institutions of our society have so many "weak links".

This site aims to create awareness about the scope of these breaches in a responsible manner. Eventually, everything online can and will be hacked. Companies are always "committed to your privacy" but in the end, the only person who can make it a little harder for cyberthieves, is you. So start using a password manager and 2-factor authentication today.

Where can I find the uncensored data?

The uncensored passwords are already relatively easy to find, I will not make it easier.

I am company X, can you send me a list of our employees?

Sorry, no. Ask your national cyber security office, they have the data already and might be able to help you out.

Which site leaked my password?

I do not have that information. If in doubt, you're better off changing all your passwords.

How old is this data?

This dataset contains about 250 leaks that occurred between 2004 and December 2017.

Who is to blame for these leaks?

Some say the thieves that stole them, some say the companies that have been negligent to protect your personal info. The latter still happens:

Does Gotcha have a privacy policy?

Indeed, see here.

The number of stars does not match my password?

Indeed, to not give away too much, the number of stars is completely random.

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