Search through 1.4 billion leaked accounts

61.9 million in United States


Is your password stolen?

Linkedin, Yahoo, Dropbox and many others got hacked, and a list of 1.4 billion accounts circulates around the Internet. Now it is time to check what they have got on you — and change your passwords today.

For United States, more than 61.9 million leaked accounts were found.

See for example these organizations:

The accounts on this list were leaked in the last few years, with the most recent leak from December 2017. But no matter the age: many people never change their passwords and use them on multiple sites. So cyberthieves might try your old password on different services (iCloud, online stores, your messenger).

Change your important passwords every year. Do not use the same on multiple sites. Do not use your government/business account for external services. Use 2-factor authentication for at least your mail account. Pick a random password. And the only way to do so consistently is by using a password manager, such as Dashlane or LastPass. Do yourself a favor!

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