Search through 1.4 billion leaked accounts


Is your password stolen?

Linkedin, Yahoo, Dropbox and many others got hacked, and a list of 1.4 billion accounts is diligently copied around the Internet. Now it is time to check what they have got on you — and change your passwords today. Search for a full email address or a domain name.

See the United States numbers. Or try, for example, these organizations:

The accounts on this list were leaked between 2004 and 2017. But the real problem is: many people never change their passwords and use them on multiple sites. So cyberthieves might try your old password on different sites.

I recommend to change your passwords at least every year. Do not share the same password for multiple important sites. Do not use your government/business account for private matters. Use 2-factor authentication for at least your mail account. Pick a random password. And the only way to do so consistently is by using a password manager (such as Dashlane or LastPass). Do yourself a favor!

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